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Auxiliary Groups

Support within Prisons

FURI encourages initiatives by incarcerated persons for self improvement and preparation for deportation. One such initiative is Caribbean African Unity (CAU), a prison based, not for profit organization in the United States. CAU hosts semi-nars to which representatives of FURI, government of home countries, and other interested parties are invited. In these seminars, CAU members discuss concerns and possible solutions with regard to deportation and reintegration. CAU has endorsed FURI’s program.

Beacon Group

The Beacon is a group of deported persons that offer peer support and encouragement. Through this program, individuals are offered peer to peer counseling, cultural sensitivity and aware-ness classes, sponsorship, and family life sup-port.

The Beacon members are encouraged to make responsible decisions about their lives. This helps to advance a sense of hope, pride, and self determination that has helped in employment and other areas of reintegration.

Auxiliary Resettlement Services

Auxiliary service recipients are those with family connections in Jamaica and available long-term housing, but who are in need of particular services. These may include referrals related to health, legal, education, employment, and re-cords or documents needs.

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