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FURI (International)

FURI (International) is the Jamaican arm of FURI, which deliver services to deported Jamaican nationals. The office is located in Kingston, Jamaica, on Lyndhurst Road. FURI is mindful of the need of many deported persons for transitional housing or shelter. This need is seen especially in deported persons with no family or social ties in Jamaica. FURI collaborates with other agencies to assist these persons to find transitional accommodation or shelter.

Deported persons in need of shelter, meals, vocational training, individual and group counseling, and other services are encouraged to participate in programs that can assist in self development and reintegration. By the end of such programs, participants should acquire skills to help them become productive citizens.

FURI collaborates with other suitable providers to assist deported persons in need of vocational or skills training.

FURI is exploring the possibility of a farming project in Jamaica. This is envisioned as a means of offering eligible deported persons opportunities in agriculture and related skills. Such a project should serve also as a means of sustaining FURI’s work in Jamaica. FURI plans to be an integral part of the Jamaican national community, as a service provider for deported persons and as a contributor to development.

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