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FURI is an innovative 501-C– 3 nonprofit organization founded by Carmeta Albarus-Lindo, LCSW in May 2002. Ms. Albarus-Lindo is a forensic social worker with twenty (20) years experience working within the criminal justice system in the United States. Based on her work on behalf of immigrant clients, Ms. Albarus-Lindo saw the need for services that can help such clients adjust positively to deportation. Given her Jamaican roots, Ms. Albarus-Lindo was concerned primarily about the impact of deportation on Jamaican nationals as well as the impact that displaced persons can have on Jamaica’s development. She was inspired to start FURI , so as to help deported persons plan for a better tomorrow by focusing on the need to improve their own lives as well as the need to contribute to the development of their home countries.

Carmeta Albarus is the co-author of the recently released "The Making of Lee Boyd Malvo, The DC Sniper" published by Columbia University Press. The book is available at Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon.com. The book chronicles the life of Malvo, his attachment to John Muhammad and the work Ms. Albarus did in extricating the young man from the clutches and influence of the older war veteran. The book was recently named as one of the top books on Justice for 2012. Proceeds from the sale of the books will benefit services for youths and families.


FURI’s objective is to offer alternatives that foster faith, hope, and confidence that life can be worthwhile. FURI aims to assist in the reintegration of deported persons by collaborating with other service agencies. Assistance may be provided through various services including :

  • Accommodations/Shelter referrals
  • Employment/Vocational counseling and training referrals
  • Drug /alcohol abuse rehab referrals.
  • Health care referrals
  • Counseling
  • Re-connection with family
  • Help in obtaining National ID, TRN, etc,

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